How long does it take to process unlocking order?

Usually takes 1-3 working days.

Will I be able to still use At&t when I am back in U.S. after my iPhone is unlocked?

Yes. Most people switch back and forth between carriers.

Is this unlock safe for my iPhone?

Yes. It's safe 100% as it does not involve any manipulations with the phone itself. Your phone is unlocked online in Apple's database.

Will my phone ever be re-locked?

No. Unlock will last forever as long as your iPhone is alive :)

Is your service legal?

Absolutely. It's allowed by law to unlock phones, we just make the unlock process a bit faster through our channels.

Will I be able to upgrade my iPhone with new iOS releases after unlock?

Yes. And, yes, it will not be re-locked.

Am I about to lose my iPhone warranty?

Nope. This is the only official unlock way to keep your warranty active.

Can I unlock Jailbroken iPhone?

Yes. But first you will need to do a restore to it's original baseband.

Can I unlock blacklisted (reported lost or stolen) iPhone?

Yes, but it will only work outside the U.S. after unlocking.

I'm not a computer geek. Will this unlock process puzzle me?

No. Actually you will not need to do anything techy. Just wait till we message that your iPhone is unlocked and then connect to iTunes with a new SIM.

May I unlock for FREE?

Not at this time.

What is your unlocking time-frame?

Unlocks usually do not take more than 24 hours. In rare cases, such as maintenace on the AT&T side, unlocks can be delayed by another 24 hours max.

Do you have affiliate program?

Yes. Please, send us a message. We offer up to $20 affiliate commission for each lead.

If you have unanswered questions, let us know at support@attunlocker.us